The Paul Franklin Method is a complete course in pedal steel guitar, delivered via a subscription-based streaming video lesson web site hosted by Modern Music Masters, Inc.

Your year-long enrollment (best price of $575 or optional 12 monthly payments of $59 each) covers the price of the Course itself, and includes 12 months of access, 24/7 on any device and browser that can stream online video.

After the first year, you can continue on for an affordable monthly fee, as the course never really ends until Paul has nothing left to teach. Currently with over 280 wide-ranging video/text lessons covering both E9 and C6 tunings, Paul is adding more videos regularly… at no additional charge.

Paul covers it all from Rock, Pop, Blues, Country and Jazz:

For less per month than the cost of the average 60-minute Skype lesson, you get immediate 24/7 access to all of the Lessons wherever there is a WiFi connection and a browser. We’ve added a Students Only private Facebook Group where players are interacting with Paul and each other, getting answers to their questions, and helping us determine what the course covers with their suggestions for future videos

The course is accessible 24/7 on any device that can stream online video. Unlike a private lesson, you can review the materials by watching the videos over and over, use the video player to slow things down, and print out TABs and other relevant lesson materials. You’ll have all the necessary close-up shots of Paul’s bar hand, pick hand and the pedals and levers, perspectives you simply could not get all at once at a private lesson.

The modern pedal steel has never had a complete video method dedicated to it, and we are aiming to set the standard of quality and completeness. You should be able to start from scratch and come out playing at a high level. Paul has committed to keep teaching as long as students are willing to learn, so we are treating the Method as a long-term project well into the future.


Great stuff for players of any level. To have this kind of access to the way Paul thinks about stuff is priceless.

After just one day of videos I have learned so much. So stoked to go forward on the pedal steel guitar with this course in my back pocket.

The Paul Franklin Method is the most comprehensive study in and of pedal steel that has ever been available. It is literally an online university. To be able to study Paul’s mastery in such a frank and detailed way is amazing. Paul provides the gateway and insight to so much information in playing and about the instruments capabilities, whether a new player or professional. I only wish I’d had this available to me so many years ago.

I’m about 6% into the lessons and already got my money’s worth. Not only am I understanding the instrument better, but I’m seeing things much differently and haven’t been this inspired to play in a few years. I run the lessons through a laptop onto a 32”HD monitor so it really is like he’s sitting there two feet in front of me.

There is so much invaluable information on the site…such a great resource for beginners and pros! Wish I would have had access to this info when I was just learning

The content in these lessons will shorten your learning curve dramatically. It would have saved me years if I had had access to this material when I was learning to play. It’s a great refresher course on some of the more basic topics, and the pro level material is second to none.

All I can say is this course is fantastic! Even though I have been playing for decades (self-taught), I learned so much new stuff from the first beginning lessons! Thank you Mr. Franklin and Modern Music Masters for doing this – it is unprecedented in the music business, the notion of getting lessons from one of our acknowledged current masters!

The private Facebook Group page is an extremely valuable add-on to the course enrollment, as you have the opportunity to interact directly with Paul (and others), posting questions about the course material, getting direct responses, hearing how others are handling it, etc. It really supercharges your enrollment in the course.

There are a lot of great players out there, but just because you can execute flawlessly and understand what you are playing doesn’t mean you can teach it well or provide meaningful instruction. Paul eclipses both of those AND comes across like the kind of genuine guy I’d like to have a beer with.

Since I started the course January 1st I hear a difference in my playing, both in sessions and on stage, which is really pleasing. Bottom line, the course has helped me make noticeable improvements. I get excited about playing and practicing (the right stuff) every day…that is LARGE. If that’s not enough, the access to Paul’s advice on the Facebook Group page is going way above and beyond the call of duty IMO, more so than any course I am aware of.